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Why is Hipazia unique

What is Hipazia's uniqueness?

It’s a cruising school open to all sailing lovers or to those who want to try a particular approach to the sailing world. It’s open to men and women.

Skippers are the owner of the boats.

No more than 2 or 3 participants per cruise, besides the skipper, in order to enjoy the spaces and services of the boat. Unique experience and top quality boats like Hallberg-Rassy or similar

 The sailing school time can be flexible and specific arrangements can be discussed with the skipper.

What is Hipazia's uniqueness? - Hipazia la Scuola

Details about our boats

Main features and requirements : 

Top design and quality construction insure maximum safety. The owner himself is in charge of the maintenance as if it was a “ human being” ( Carlo Sciarrelli)

Rigged powered for long distance cruising , boats must be able to quickly and comfortably react in all sea and wind conditions, especially to avoid  going aground. In fact land is the major risk when sailing.

Speed as a primary safety factor: a stalled boat is difficult to control.

An expert boat skipper knows his boat as he knows himself and will never put either in harms’way.

A skipper is also a metereologist and  is able to predict weather conditions using updated instrumentation and his experience in the elements.